Doing, teaching
coding & robotics

At Azahub, we build technology solutions and teach kids and teens how to build software and robots.
The Azahub Development Lab

We develop solutions for companies

At Azahub, our commitment goes beyond teaching coding and robotics to students. We extend our expertise to building end products for companies, both locally and globally. Our skilled team combines education and real-world application to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses.

Azahub has played a big role in building disruptive technologies in payments, entertainment and internet of things helping move over 20 Billion KES across the globe.

The coding outreach program

Since its inception in 2019, we have been on a mission to transform education by equipping young minds with coding skills. With pride, we've reached over 1000 students in schools, fostering a community of future innovators.

1,000 +

Kids impacted by our program.


Coding spaces across Kenya.