The Coding School

We do both private and open classes

Our courses offer both private and open training options. Private training is ideal for kids and teens seeking personalized, at-home instruction. Open training involves joint classroom sessions during designated hours. Private arrangement pricing, tailored to logistics, is discussed directly with the applicant's parent or guardian.

Our training is 100% practicals and we expect our students to have a good laptop preferably a Macbook or any other laptop installed with a Debian GNU/Linux distro e.g Ubuntu.

All IOT students are expected to buy their own IOT kits to do the practicals. Our team will share the list of the IOT kit once a student enrolls for IOT.

We take only 10 students per cohort for maximum tutor student time. All our trainings start at the beginning of the month.


Fundamentals of programming

Learn client server architecture, terminal, git source control, networking, frontend, some backend and databases operations.

Bashr, HTML, Javascript, NodeJS

By the end of this training, you will be able to use the terminal/shell proficiently, understand how the web works and create a simple social network with likes.

  • 4 weeks
    2hrs training, 6 hours practicals daily
  • Beginner

Advanced programming deep dive

Deep dive into backend operations, project structuring, OOP, micro services, APIs (MPESA), Devops and deployment.

Golang, PHP, NodeJS or Python

By the end of this training, you will be able to create and deploy a system that has user accounts, MPESA and card payments and send automated emails.

  • 8 weeks
    2hrs training, 6 hours practicals daily
  • Intermediate

Learn Internet of Things & Robotics

Electronics basics, micro controllers e.g Arduino, sensors, remote controlling of devices, IOT systems deployment.

C, Micropython

By the end of this training, you should be able to create a complex smart home project that is controlled using a mobile app or gsm.

  • 6 weeks
    2hrs training, 3 hours practicals daily

  • Beginner